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DIY Waterproofing and Thermal Insulation plaster

A perfect DIY waterproofing and Thermal insulation plaster or putty can be prepared quickly and safely by using Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) along with Bauspot Holcer and Bauspot Flas.

Due to the trapped air and inert gas inside the cavity of the hollow spheres of Bauspot Holcer, the mix becomes a poor conductor of heat. Hollow spheres act as thermal insulators into cementitious or any kind of end-product formated with inert materials.

The presence of Bauspot-Flas into a cementitious mixture ensures the leachate control because of its capacity to reduce the solubility of contaminants and minimize leaching. In addition, a denser binder formation can be achieved, resulting lower permeability due to lower porosity formation and lower physical immobilisation of contaminants. The higher silica and lower lime content, in comparison to OPC of Bauspot Flas, is the cause of such characteristics.

For dosages see here.

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