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Bauspot GB1 for ready-made mortar and stucco

Bauspot GB1 is an ideal high-tech additive, inert, harmless and suitable for the preparation of advanced DIY repair handmade products or the improvement of ready-made repair end products already in the market. With a simple Bauspot GB1 addition in a ready-made mortar of the market, anyone can improve thermal conductivity and sound insulation of a plain low cost product of the market, as well as the resistance to cracks after application.

Follow also, one of our recipes for making your high expactations fresh lightweight stucco. See instructions here.

Prepare fast and easy crack sealants of high adhesion and strength. Become a home manufacturer simply and quickly, preparing special masonry putties by mixing Bauspot GB1 with basic materials, such as plain OPC cement in combination with Bauspot resins (Bauspot Acryl and Bauspot Acryl D). The highest importance of home making repair products is that you save money, while you have always available fresh products in the exact quantity you really want.

For examples see user instructions here.

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