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Bauspot Flas (GGBS)

Bauspot-Flas is GGBS fly ash (class A, NF EN 206/CN) 

It is a recyclable residue (GGBS) from granulated blast furnace slag transformed with a next generation vertical mill, used in various applications such as building industry to replace cement (see here). It is also excellent for stabilizing soils due to its high content of silicon, clay and calcium. Its lesser known use is as a soil improver for crops due to its alkalizing (for measuring pH see here) property when soils present conditions of high acidity due to various reasons (see here).

Chemical modulus (CaO + MgO)/SiO2 : > 1,25 (≥1.2: class A according to NF EN 206-1/CN)

1,34 7,49 


Bauspot-Flas (GGBS fly ash, class A, NF EN 206/CN)

Tech specs

Blaine specific surface area

4450 ± 250 cm²/g

≥ 2750 cm²/g: NF EN 15167-1

≥ 4 200 cm²/g: classe A according to NF EN 206/CN

Indicative median diameter (d50)

11 μm

Sieve undersize (32 μm)

≥ 95%

True Density

2.90 ± 0.03 g/cm3

Bulk Density

0.8 ± 0.1 g/cm3

Colour index [CIE l*ab] with CR410

L* = 89.5 ± 2

Loss of ignition (950 °C)

< 1.5%

Water content (100 °C)

< 0.5%

Chemical composition (%)

* Does not contain hazardous metals and aggravating chemicals.


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