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Substrate thermal plaster or final plaster for walls (cast)

You can turn ready-made plaster of the market (powder) of any type of composition (substrate or finish) into a special thermal and sound insulation product by adding only a small amount of Bauspot Holcer and Bauspot Acryl materials.

Proposed mixture (by weight):

80% ready plaster + 20% Bauspot Holcer = 100% + 10: 1 Bauspot Acryl (or 20:1 Bauspot Acryl D)

Stirring instructions:

  1. Mix with a simple wooden stirrer (Bauspot stick) an amount (by weight) of 80% ready plaster with 20% Bauspot Holcer.
  2. To the resulting mixture after mixing, add 10gr Bauspot Acryl and as much water as needed to make the final mixture workable. That is, for a quantity of 110gr, we need 80gr of ready plaster, 20gr Bauspot Holcer and 10gr Bauspot Acryl (or 5gr Bauspot Acryl D). For larger quantities use a mechanical stirrer.
  3. Apply directly to the desired surface (e.g. wall) in the usual way. Before application, make sure that the surfaces are clean and do not contain any type of greases. Before application, wet the surface.

Caution. Before the final application, do a test on a smaller surface to check the desired result.

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