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Light weight putty for easy repair dosage

Light weight putty for easy repair

1. Wall repair (interior and exterior use)

Dosage: 80% of resin Bauspot Acryl + 20% Bauspot GB1 (by weight).

For 100grams putty: In a quantity of 80gr of Bauspot Acryl add 20gr quantity of Bauspot GB1 (by weight). Mix well until the mixture is homogeneous and apply normally in the usual way using a putty knife.

Note that due to low density of Bauspot GB1 (~0.125 gr/cm³) a mix of 100gr in total, results a similar to 240gr of conventional spackle. Thus per 1000gr total mix in weight (800gr of Bauspot Acryl add 200gr of Bauspot GB1) the volume comes to 2.4 litres light weight putty.

2. Marine putty (repair for polymer made cruise boats, windsurf boards, jet-skis etc.)

The dosage varies on the application expected.

Normally epoxy resin (A+B) can be mixed with Bauspot GB22 in proportion ratio (by weight) from 5% to 25%.

Meaning that for example, in the case of ratio 95-5, 100grams putty or coating could contain 95grams of epoxy resin and 5grams of Bauspot GB22.

  • In general, a 95-5 ratio mixture results a hand made coating for low viscocity applications mostly applied with a paint brush. However a 75-25 ration mixture results a high viscocity hand made paste applied with a putty-knife. Experiment with different ratios before final application.
  • Mix well in proportion recomended A and B epoxy parts until the resin is homogeneous.Then add the decided ratio of Bauspot GB22. Mix again very carefully so to achieve a fully homogeneous mixture and apply normally in the usual way using either a paint brush or a putty knife (depends on viscosity).

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