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Bauspot-Flas as a plant booster instructions

User instructions and recommended Dosage

Improvement of the composition (mineral fraction) and the surface structure of the soil (20kg/1m² depth 10 cm)

The addition of 20kg/1m² of Bauspot Flas in loose (rotten) soil (up to 30kg/1m² in sandy soils) improves vegetation, plant height, biological yield and more grain. Also the addition of Bauspot Flas improves the texture, structure and overall density. The permeability of the clay soil increases from 0.54 cm/hour to 2.14 cm/hour, while in sandy soil it decreases from 23.80 cm/hour to 9.67 cm/hour. That is, the water holding capacity in sandy soil increases from 0.38 cm/cm to 0.53 cm/cm at a level of 50%. The application is done by surface grinding (plowing or using hand tools). 

Bauspot Flas is an inert material and chemically harmless.

Improvement of the surface structure (5kg/1m²):

Bauspot Flas 0.5cm thick surface application achieves surface stability and moisture retention. In addition, it strengthens the surface film of the soil and prevents the easy penetration of insects.

Increase the pH by one unit (250-300gr/1m²)

Use Bauspot Flas in an amount of 250-300g/m2 and mix it in the soil. For very acidic soils that cause damage to the production of orchards or garden plants, you can use a larger amount of e.g. 500gr/m² without risk.

Bauspot Flas is an inert and chemically harmless material.

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