Bauspot Flas as an organic fertilizer instructions

Bauspot Flas helps make the soil more efficient for plants, allowing roots to grow more quickly, air to move more freely and bacteria to work more easily. Although Bauspot Flas does not add many nutrients to the soil as most fertilizers do, it greatly improves the texture of the soil for working and ease of […]

Bauspot-Flas as a plant booster instructions

User instructions and recommended Dosage Improvement of the composition (mineral fraction) and the surface structure of the soil (20kg/1m² depth 10 cm) The addition of 20kg/1m² of Bauspot Flas in loose (rotten) soil (up to 30kg/1m² in sandy soils) improves vegetation, plant height, biological yield and more grain. Also the addition of Bauspot Flas improves the texture, structure and […]

How do we measure pH?

Accurate measurement of soil pH is done by: Electronic pH meter (pH meter): It is a small device that looks like multimeter. We immerse the electrode appropriate for soil testing and in the monitor we can see the pH value accordingly. To successfully measure soil pH, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. pH measuring tapes: They are […]